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"Thanks to your wonderful webpage I have met my future wife."

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"thank you latino america cupid.im so happy now "

hi this site is very good ive met my girlfriend on here and i go to mexico in january 2007 to meet her.and see her parents,family and friends.shes very intelligent and makes me so happy.we share the same likes.this is a great dating site.thank you latino america cupid.im so happy now ;-) xxx xxx xxx

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"This is the best site ever"

This is the best site ever, I found the lady I wanted all my life and I am very very happy. we will be together very very soon. Thank you again. I will recomend this site to any person that is looking for real love and I can assure them that they will not be disapoined. With all the love ladies on this site it was very easy for me to find the one I was looking for. Thank you


"I would like to thank Latin American Cupid ! "

Well I would like to thank Latin American Cupid ! I found the women Ive been looking for all my life . I will call her "click" , a very special word between her and I . I had been looking on the LatinAmerican website for about 2 months everyday when we met and since then the rest is history . We are not married as of yet but we are working on it . I searched through your website and found a very diverse amount of women with as diverse a background as the continent it covers . If you truely look and put the smallest amount of effort into looking for a compatible woman , you will find her in there . It took me two months of looking everyday to finally find her . Yes she is VERY special . Anyone who desires a special woman will find her in LatinAmericanCupid , just look with a small amount of work and you will find her ! There are so many women coming and going that it makes the selection choices huge. I found many many potential matches . I talked with all of them, but only the one was so special . After a few phone calls I knew there was something special about her , and focused my attention onto her to develop the relationship to see what happened . Well the more we both got into the relationship, the more we matched and found we had in common . Having something in common isnt a true relationship , but ours developed into that special realtionship that men and women desire most . Falling in love . The only advice I can give someone is if you look everyday (and it is fun looking) sooner or later you will find a compatible person with the chemistry needed to fall in love . Your true love is in there , be consistant and look everyday and you will find her . G.D.S.

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"I found the lady that I will be spending the rest of my life with here on Latin American Cupid"

I found the lady that I will be spending the rest of my life with here on Latin American Cupid and I am very grateful for your services. I would recommend this site to all those who are seriously looking for that special someone. To those ladies who showed interest in me, thank you, there is someone out there for you, keep on looking, Mr right is there. Best of luck to you all.

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